November 3, 2023 James Midline

Why should I read OFA’s Marketing Textbook?


(By: James Lancaster)


It’s a legitimate question for our students and alumni to ask. After all, the textbook has a lot of information and will take hours to get through. Marketing is “not” a requirement for licensure in the State of Idaho either….so in reality, there is nothing that makes it necessary.

The exception of course, is whether or not you’d like to have any customers once you’re out working in the Industry. It’s a requirement for making a living (the whole “customer” thing)….so in a way, Marketing becomes one of the most important things you’ll spend time doing for yourself/your brand. However, here at OFA….Marketing is something you’ll have to self-guide yourself through. We’ll provide an enormous amount of resources (our weekly marketing updates, our Textbook and other elective classes offered when available), but you’ll need to consume them during the time on campus you’re given for self-study. The choice will be yours to make. We hope you’ll choose to spend a LOT of time developing and practicing your Marketing skills while you are here.

Now; to spend a few minutes answering the main question: “Why should I read OFA’s Marketing Textbook”?

Our Marketing textbook is designed like a dictionary of sorts for Marketing information. A “user-guide” as well. It was written to explain commonly used Marketing terms, tools and procedures so that regardless of your current level of Marketing skills, you’ll be able to find good instruction. The textbook is designed to take a complete beginner through the paces of various marketing processes, but it is curated in a way that even those with intermediate or advanced Marketing education, will find useful information.

The Textbook covers topics like:

  • How each major Social platform works. What demographic they serve best and how to get involved in using the business tools connected to each platform
  • Working with websites and whether they are still a legitimate tool
  • Marketing terminology like #hashtags for example, how they work and when to use them
  • Delivering digital items to potential employers and potential clientele
  • Asing tools like Google Ads, etc
  • And much more……

The textbook isn’t designed to formulate your individual Marketing plan. That process is unique to each of us. It is designed to help you use the tools correctly and to their best advantage so your marketing plan has a greater possibility of success!

Our hope is that you’ll start the Textbook on Day 1 of school….or, now that you know more about as a current student or alumni. A huge part of your success in the Beauty industry will be attracting clients to you REGARDLESS of where you work. Marketing in general will help you professionally in every aspect of your career.

Enjoy the process, make the time!


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