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Introducing our new product line for our Esthetics program and Public Spa services


For centuries humans have used the resin from the Pistacia Lentiscus tree for culinary and religious purposes. Known as mastiha, this resin excretes from the mastic tree in translucent droplets, and the wax was chewed to calm digestive issues, freshen the breath, or reduce the length of a cold.

First-century A.D. physicians claimed mastiha was “good for face creams because it promotes skin radiance.” Over time, it was discovered that mastiha was good for more than just skin radiance. Mastiha offers pore refinement and can assist with regulating sebum production in the skin. Mastiha also provides antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, softening, and healing benefits for cell repair and restoration. Modern medicine uses mastiha for burn treatments and to soak suture threads for faster recovery. Lira Clinical prides itself on including mastiha in oil, powder, or extract form in many of its products and using the purest form of mastiha available on the market.

Created by seasoned medical professionals, Lira Clinical is a global skincare line focusing on prevention, correction, and maintenance. Blending science and nature, all of Lira Clinical’s six product lines contain brightening ingredients, plant stem cells, potent antioxidants, and advanced peptide chains.

  • The PRO Line focuses on correcting fine lines and wrinkles, brightening, preventing future pigmentation, and healing environmentally damaged skin.
  • The BIO Line is a collection of anti-inflammatory products designed to slow the aging process, heal the skin, and can be used on all skin types, including those who have recently resurfaced their skin.
  • Their universal line, MYSTIQ, is designed to heal, brighten, and prevent future pigmentation for all skin types.
  • The ICE Line is designed to calm, clear, and manage acneic skin.
  • The SPF Line protects the skin using plant stem cell technology and peptides for broad-spectrum coverage.
  • The BB Line provides a 4-in-1 solution as a daily moisturizer, sunscreen, cover-up, and age prevention.

Lira Clinical also touts an extensive peel line, offering year-round peel options, making “peel season” a thing of the past.

Education is the key to relevancy and success in an industry where innovation is constant. As a school, one element of Lira Clinical we were most impressed by was the extensive educational resources available to our students and instructors. Lira Clinical offers Oliver Finley Academy in-person, hands-on education, an online blog, a video library, and a podcast.

Make your appointment today for one of Lira’s Customized Treatments, Customized Hybrid Treatments, or Customized Peels, and experience the skin benefits of Lira Clinical.


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