School Closures

School Holidays

Oliver Finley Academy will be closed for the following holidays: 

New Years Day 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

Presidents’ Day 

Memorial Day (Saturday – Monday) 

July 4th 

Labor Day (Saturday – Monday) 

Thanksgiving Day 16 

Christmas Eve 

Christmas Day 

Any deviation to these dates will be posted and announced to the student body. 

Snow closures

Days: (Mon-Fri)

If the Boise school district is closed for a snow day, we will be closed that day as well (for student classes and Salon activities). Check the Boise school district website in the early morning to see if they are closing Boise schools on any particular day.

Evening: (Mon-Thu)

Most likely we’ll send an alert via our school App for an evening closure.

If you’re unsure you can check in with the school during the afternoon by texting the front desk 208.658.1115 and we’ll let you know if we’re holding classes that day.


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