The demand is high for Nail Technicians!
We have a dedicated Nail Technician Department, Nail Technician Instruction staff, Classroom(s) and a beautiful Nail Spa. Take your Beauty career to the next level!

Nail Technology / Daytime: Mon-Wed 8:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. (30 hours per week)

Nail Technology – 600 hours
Tuition: $8,525.00
Registration Fee: $100
Book: $315.00
Kit: $1635.00
Total: $10,575.00

$100.00 Registration fee is non-refundable. Tax Included in pricing. Kit/Books once received are non-refundable
*included in the kit
Milady Standard Nail Technology CIMA 2-year access – ISBN- 13: 979-8-214-09871-5
CIMA various course access while attending

Nails have become serious business! Nail technology is the foremost and fastest growing profession within the beauty industry and the future outlook for professional in this field is bright. There are many exciting job options available–you could work in a salon or spa providing manicures and pedicures, you can become a nail salon owner, or even travel using your talents on a cruise ship or as a product representative and educator.
Oliver Finley has developed a Nail Technology curriculum that is tailored to the ever changing trends in the industry. A career in nail technology requires being creative, detail-oriented, professional and versatile. We offer a blend of the components required to be successful in today’s market while still embracing the fundamentals of nail care.
Students will receive an education in both theory and practical experience in many phases of manicuring and applying artificial nails. Their education will prepare them for the professional marketplace, as well as give them the necessary knowledge to successfully complete the Idaho State Boards.
Physical Demands
Consist of sitting for long periods and consistent long term use of arms and hands.
Safety Requirements
Consist of the ability to read and follow manufactures’ directions for all chemicals and products used. Prolonged exposure to some nail chemicals may cause irritations, so protective clothing may be needed.
Employment Opportunities
Nail Technician, Nail Salon Owner/Mgr., Pedicurist, Manicurist.
Earnings Potential
The average median wage for a Nail Technologist is $34,250.00, with a much faster than average growth (9% or higher) expected in the next few years, according to the US Department of Labor, (Bureau of Labor Statistics. Statistics from the US Department of Labor).
Licensing Requirements:
Once the course is completed, the student must take and pass the Idaho State Board Exam. When the exam is taken the results are sent to the student, the Idaho state Board and to the School. The student will then be required to apply to the Idaho State Board of Cosmetology for licensing. The student must pay all testing and licensing fees.

Want to create mini masterpieces every day?
A career in Nail Technology makes that possible! Nail technology is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country, with new science and techniques that will push you into creative directions that are limited only by your imagination. If you have an incredible attention to detail and love face-to-face time with people, this career is for you.
You’ll have fantastic career options: Work in a salon, lease on your own, even do editorial work for magazines. At Oliver Finley, you’ll learn from instructors who are on the cutting edge of nail design and who bring their real-world experience to the classroom. You’ll not only study the fundamentals of nail design and safety procedures, but you’ll earn the knowledge you need to start your new career on day one.

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