Explore our OFA Make-up Aristry offerings!

Prepare to be impressed!
Oliver Finley Academy is dedicated to excellent make-up education.

We have a dedicated MAKE-UP Department, Make-up Instruction staff, Make-up classrooms, beautiful Make-up service areas and we carry fantastic Make-up products and tools. Our 100-hour Make-up Artistry course is Accredited through NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences) and meets/exceeds the requirements for Idaho’s 100-hour Make-up Certification.
That’s not where it ends though!

Our Customizable Makeup program consists of 100 hours of private “one on one” Makeup Instruction! We’ll work with you to structure your makeup curriculum and your makeup kit to match the education you want from us.

(Our Admissions Department can help you determine if your past Make-up experiences may qualify towards earning part of your Make-up certificate with the state of Idaho)*

Interested in our accredited 100-hour Make-up Artistry course?!

We have classes scheduled year round! Contact our Admissions department for the next available start dates and so we can help you determine the training you will need for Idaho certification:

Pricing for our Makeup Artistry course:

100 hour Make-up course: $6850.00 (includes kit and tuition)

Financial aid is not available for our Make-up courses

Cost breakdown for 100-hour Make-up course

Makeup Artistry Course (100 hours)

Registration Fee $ 100.00 (non-refundable)

Kit $2000.00 (non-refundable once received)

Tuition $4750.00

TOTAL: $6850.00

All applicable course work must be completed by the contracted end date. All state certifications

fees are payable by the student and are not included in tuition.

100’s of 5-star Student google reviews!

OFA Alumni

Why choose Oliver Finley Academy?

*Ultimately, IBOL will need to make a determination for you on whether past experience will qualify for hours towards the State’s certificate.
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