Brining Children to Oliver Finley

We understand this can be a sensitive subject. Because we are a school, we have two distinct environments we must maintain for our students and for our salon/spa clients.

The first is “safety”.

The second is maintaining a “quiet environment “.

Children under 12 are welcome at Oliver Finley when they are here with an adult for a school visit (enrollment based visit) or if the child is in “service”.

If a child is in service, it can’t be while the accompanying adult is also in service. Children under 12 must be supervised at all times by an accompanying “non-service” adult. Children can not be left in our lobby areas even with another adult while someone else is in service.

Our lobby area is bordering open classrooms where our students are studying. Our lobby areas are not child friendly for periods of anything beyond waiting briefly for an appointment.

Please be aware that we will ask you to reschedule if the above criteria is not met upon your arrival for a service.

Thank you for your understanding


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